Sentri – Structural Health Monitoring Toolkit

Last updated 30 November 2006


Sentri (Structural hEalth moNiToRing toolkIt) is a software tool to measure ambient vibration of a structure to determine the structural health status.



To look at command, you can run

binetude@pilsner /opt/tinyos-1.x/contrib/GGB/tools/java
$ java net/tinyos/sentri/DataCenter
sage: java net.tinyos.sentri.DataCenter <command> <arguments> [options] where
        <command> <arguments> [options] can be one of the following:
ledOn [-dest dest] [-verbose]
ledOff [-dest dest] [-verbose]
pingNode <dest> [-toUART] [-verbose]
nodeList [-toUART] [-verbose]
reset [-dest dest] [-verbose]
eraseFlash [-dest dest] [-verbose]
startSensing <nSamples> <intrv> [-dest dest] [-chnlSelect chnlSelect] [-samplesToAvg samplesToAvg] [-nm nm] [-verbose]
eraseStart <nSamples> <intrv> [-dest dest] [-chnlSelect chnlSelect] [-samplesToAvg samplesToAvg] [-nm nm] [-verbose]
readProfile [-dest dest] [-toUART] [-verbose]
readData [-dest dest] [-toUART] [-verbose]
randomRead <dest> <chnlNo> <sampleNo> [-toUART] [-verbose]
timesyncInfo <dest> [-toUART] [-verbose]
networkInfo <dest> [-toUART] [-verbose]
fixRoute [-dest dest] [-verbose]
releaseRoute [-dest dest] [-verbose]
forDebug [-dest dest] [-toUART] [-verbose]
resetBcSeqNo [-verbose]
help [-verbose]

Sentri is tested on tinyos-1.1.11 with nesc-1.2alpha11.



You can download the package from:

Put GGB and vu directories under /opt/tinyos-1.x/contrib

TinyOS code


JAVA code


Add /opt/tinyos-1.x/contrib/GGB/tools/java to CLASSPATH